Combination of Thai and Oil Massage

45 min $75,      60 min $90,      90 min $135,      2 hrs $170

Our White Waratah Combination of Thai and Oil Massage blends the therapeutic techniques of traditional Thai massage with the smooth gliding movements of relaxation oil massage. This unique fusion offers a comprehensive and deeply relaxing experience for both the body and the mind. Our therapists incorporate elements of Thai massage such as acupressure, stretching, and joint mobilisations, along with the application of oil to enhance the fluidity of the massage strokes, using their hands, elbows, and forearms to apply pressure and perform rhythmic movements along the energy lines of the body while simultaneously using oil to create a soothing and luxurious sensation on the skin.

The combination of Thai and oil massage offers a variety of benefits. It helps to release tension and tightness in the muscles, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. The gentle stretching and mobilisation techniques of Thai massage are complemented by the lubrication of oil, making it easier for the therapist to work on specific areas of the body and target areas of discomfort.

Whether you seek relief from muscle soreness, stress reduction, or simply wish to indulge in a deeply relaxing treatment, our White Waratah Combination of Thai and Oil Massage offers a balanced and holistic approach to wellness.

Treat Yourself With a White Waratah Combination Thai Oil Massage Experience

Our Combination of Thai and Oil Massage is the perfect blend of Thai massage techniques and relaxation oil massage. Starting with a medium to firm pressure relaxation oil massage on the back and finishing with Thai stretching techniques for the arms and legs. This combination massage can be tailored to your specific needs and will address aches and pains as well as relieve stress and tension. The Combination Thai Oil massage is based on the eastern view of health and wellness. It incorporates an acupressure therapy that blends deep tissue massage, gentle stretches and stimulation of acupressure points to instill a perfect balance of refreshment and relaxation. Our 100% pure and cold pressed massage oils are used in smooth-flowing massage strokes to relieve tension in the back, shoulder and neck. Additional benefits include improved blood circulation, reduced stress levels and improved sleep. This treatment can also naturally boost the body’s healing systems.

Physical benefits of Combination of Thai and Oil massage include:

  • A boosted immune system
  • Detoxification
  • Improved flexibility and increased range of motion in the joints
  • Helps to prevent joint sprains and muscle overstretching
  • Better circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Increased mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Relief for arthritis and back pain

Emotional benefits of Combination of Thai and Oil massage include:

  • A clearer, calmer mind and better emotional balance
  • Improved concentration
  • Higher levels of inner energy and stamina
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

In essence, Thai oil massage works not only to repair your physical body, but also to calm your mind whilst renewing your sense of self, and returning you to a state of balance, peace and well-being. On the day, choose your 100% pure cold-pressed massage oil from Avocado, Sweet Almond and Fractionated Coconut Oil or from our Premium Range the moisturising Hemp Seed Oil and the luxurious Jojoba Oils.

Relax and unwind with our soothing Combination of Thai and Oil massage designed to ease soreness and melt away stress. Book a 45-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute or 2 hour massage depending on the severity of your aches. Treat your body to the ultimate indulgence at White Waratah and book your massage appointment today. Pamper yourself with a sauna session by using our ultra-modern spa facilities at an extra fee or as part of a spa package. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.