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Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage

30 min $60,      45 min $75,      60 min $90,      90 min $135

Long working hours, poor posture, and everyday strain you put on your shoulders can wreak havoc on the neck, and shoulder area. At White Waratah, you can schedule a Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage to treat the problematic area and feel like a brand new person. We use pressure points, stretches and massage techniques to relieve built-up tension and improve circulation while reducing stress. This heavenly head, neck, and shoulder massage is especially recommended if you work sitting down at a desk all day or maybe you’re just feeling sore from the rigours of daily life. Benefits can include better sleep, reduced neck stiffness, enhanced circulation in your head and a general feeling of relaxation.

There are plenty of reasons behind neck pain including but not limited to inflammation, sleeping in the wrong position or just a wrong sudden movement. Sometimes the pain quickly goes away on its own, but most times, you need the help of a good massage therapist who understands neck massage techniques as well as how and where to work trigger points in those muscles to help you ease the ache and prevent further injury.

Using thumbs, fingertips, palms and fists, a skilled therapist at White Waratah will start by massaging the shoulders and upper chest before moving to the back of the head and eventually applying deeper pressure at the base of the skull. On the day, choose your 100% pure cold pressed massage oil from Avocado, Castor Sweet Almond, and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Alternatively, select from our premium range the moisturising Hemp Seed Oil and the luxurious Jojoba Oils. Our therapists can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders and help you feel relaxed and rested. Book your de-stress head, neck, and shoulder massage today.

Treat Yourself to A Heavenly Massage at White Waratah

Usually recommended for relieving tension and stress that builds up around the neck and shoulder area and leads to overall discomfort, head, neck and shoulder massages stimulate the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the head and easing stress through the release of endorphins. Using firm pressure, soothing strokes and stretches to the back, neck and shoulder area, a massage session can help reduce tension and free you of minor aches. This massage is designed to concentrate on the tension built up in the muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders, so the benefits can be achieved in a shorter period of time. Using pressure points and stretches to target the source of the pain you will notice the difference after only one treatment.

A head massage as well as a neck and shoulder massage from us will increase the range of motion and can help increase the flow of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. We offer the best head, neck, and shoulder massage prices in the Rozelle area. Choose between a 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute massage depending on the severity of your aches. 

Treat your body to the ultimate indulgence at White Waratah and book your neck, back, and shoulder massage appointment today. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.